Sack Trucks

Sack Trucks

Sack Trucks
With a sturdy construction, these sack trucks are developed for tough everyday use in different commercial premises. Perfect for warehouses, shops, and workshops, our sack trucks can handle all types of materials. Their stable frame makes them durable and able to lift and transport even the heaviest objects. Equipped with large pneumatic tires, our sack trucks are very stable, and their ability to fold completely makes them easy and compact to store and transport.

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Sack Truck with Skids - Aluminium

      Sack Truck with Skids - Aluminium Load Capacity: 150Kg T..


Stairclimber with Skids

Stairclimber with Skids: Load Capacity: 100Kg Load (on stairs): 60kg Weight: 11kg ..


Steel Sack Truck

Steel Sack Truck: Load Capacity: 150Kg Toe-Plate (WxD): 350mm x 185mm Size (HxWxD): ..


Super Compact Sack Trucks

Super Compact Sack Truck: Lightweight, simple to use, easy to carry Unfolds in seconds..


Three Way Truck

Three Way Truck: Load Capacity: 250Kg Weight: 19kg Toe-Plate (WxD):190mm x 470mm S..


Two Way Cargo Truck

      Two Way Sack Truck: Load Capacity: 250Kg Load Capacity (..


Two Way Truck

      Two Way Sack Truck: Load Capacity: 200Kg Weight: 12kg ..


Wide Stairclimber

Wide Stairclimber: Load Capacity: 100kg Load (on stairs): 50kg Weight: 22kg Foldin..